Oruawharo Homestead Oruawharo Homestead Oruawharo Homestead Oruawharo Homestead Oruawharo Homestead Oruawharo Homestead

Welcome to Oruawharo

Elegance, tradition, nostalgia . . . the 150-year-old Oruawharo homestead.
Peter and Dianne Harris invite visitors to share their pleasure in the charm of their historic home and gardens.

Oruawharo’s homestead, gardens and woodlands offer possibilities for all. A superb wedding venue, the home and surrounds create a unique atmosphere for an almost limitless variety of other special occasions, from business functions to family parties and festive-season dinners.

Oruawharo makes a wonderful destination for outings for interest groups and clubs. Visitors can lunch or take a traditional tea, Oruawharo owners Dianne and Peter Harris, will introduce them to the history of their home, and afterwards visitors can wander and view the extensive gardens, and private collection of art and antiques.

Catering is available for all occasions, and the homestead is easily accessible, just 2km off SH2 in Central Hawke's Bay. ( find Oruawharo on the map )


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